My name is Ironpost.

We are located in South Central Colorado territory 30 miles from the headwaters of the Rio Grande River, in the southern Ute area camped on the Willow Creek. The elevation here is 9,000 feet. In the Morning you can look out of the lodge and see hundreds of elk. The trapping is good. The deer are as plentiful as the wild flowers.

Winter brings much snow, sometimes taller than the lodge. I live here with a squaw. Her name is Shywomen. We have 3 little Indian princesses, Thunder Britches, 9 winters old, Little Black Bear, 6 winters old, and Bubbling Brook 3 winters and 1 summer.

When the snow leaves, we enjoy going to rendezvous and trading knives and goods we have made of the long winter. At Rendezvous we enjoy joining in on all of the happenings like black-powder shoots and knife and hawk throws. We always enjoy sitting around the campfire and listening to the stories of how all of our friends faired the long winters. I believe that some of these stories are stretched a little. Timberlline can tell a very big story. In Late summer the berries are gathered and dried. When the rainy season is here, the mushrooms are plentiful. Then the leaves change the work starts. Hunting is a big part of our lives.

The great Wapiti are fat from grazing in the foothills. The Bucks horns are in full velvet. The Buffalo have gathered in the hills. The meat is harvested, the hides are stretched, scraped, and tanned. The hides used for clothing for clothing and lodges are hung everywhere. Some of the hides have hair left on, these are used as bedrolls for the long winter nights. All of the meat is cut up and dried to make jerky, the fat is saved and the bones are antlers are used to make tool and other utensils. Nothing is wasted. Well there is a lot of work to finish before the snow falls.

See you in the spring at Rendezvous!

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